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Income Tax 2018


Its another tax year and If you have not received your link to your own personal portal where you can upload all your tax documents, receive and sign for your tax returns then please contact us as soon as possible. This will be your own personal account to use whenever you have something you need us to review, and vice versa. Or you can simply text (existing clients), call our office at (512) 865-4075, or email us for a in face appointment if you simply wish to drop off and talk. 

We also have our mobile app (REQUEST ACCESS AND INSTRUCTIONS FROM BR TAX GROUP) where you can upload your tax docs and info and keep track of your tax return status, as well as sign on your smart phone when completed.

For clients who are requesting advances on there tax refunds, we offer that as well via check, debit card or direct deposits (fees apply as well as terms and conditions)



For new clients, simply call (512) 865-4075, you can email us at,, or schedule an appointment on our website. You can also fill out our simple to use TAX ORGANIZER on our website for faster processing. Its that time again, here are BR Tax Group we are excited to help you get your tax return done accurately and on time. So call us today to make an appointment (512) 865-4075.